Believership Retreat, April 17, at the Riviera

By melanie | Mels Motivation

Apr 13

If there was ever a time to Dare, to Believe in You, to reach out and make a difference, the time is now…Today! There is no better exercise for the heart than reaching down and Lifting People Up! One Person Can Make A Difference! Imagine if we all took a few moments to Inspire Our Dream, Ignite Our Vision, and Impact the Lives of those around us…What a Wonderful World It would BE! We would be honored to have you join us for the Believership Retreat, on April 17th, at the Riviera. These Phenomenal Leaders, know how to SHINE and Inspire their Team, Ignite their Vision, and Impact the Lives of thousands of People. If people can’t handle your SHINE, buy them some sunglasses, but never let them dim your light, cause their eyes can’t handle your brightness! The‪#‎Believership‬ Books have been to 5 different states in the last few months, with Amazing Teams, and you will receive this Life Book, called “Believership” when you attend the Retreat, on April 17th. Join us to… Inspire potential, Ignite results, Impact Lives! You asked and here it is: For the next 24 hours we are going to give you *2 tickets for $149. Yes, when you buy a Ticket, you will rec’ the next ticket for half price.* When you order, you will also be in the drawing for an IPad Mini! The Winner of the Free Ticket to join us at the Believership Retreat is Arla Schultz. Congratulations, and Thank You for all your support…May Your Dreams…Ignite The Power In You! ‪#‎Leadership‬ ‪#‎Legacy‬ ‪#‎Team‬


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