Speaking & Coaching Retreats

Team Br!ll!ance Keynote

Answer your call to Greatness, focus on helping your people succeed. Each person in your organization can grow personally and professionally in four key areas, skills, attitudes, qualities, and abilities. By empowering these key areas, your company gains attitudes of success, professionalism, excellence, and perhaps the very best return improved overall performance, and a team that’s unstoppable.

  • Transform Your Inner Critic to become your own EmpowerMEnt Coach.
  • How to become your own Change Agent, turning inner road blocks into opportunities of Success.
  • No Excuses, only Results.
  • Breakthrough To Your Brilliance.

Melanie Brown is what we need today – someone who teaches leadership from the heart! Her passion for helping people grow and achieve their goals and dreams is very apparent! She teaches simple-to-follow concepts that, when applied, can change peoples’ lives. It is my pleasure to call her a mentor and a friend.

~ Joseph A. Sztapka

Create Phenomenal Leaders 

10-week Executive Coaching Program

From The Best of John Maxwell’s Books, as A Founding Partner of the John Maxwell Company, I’m honored to offer A 10 week Executive Coaching Program to create Phenomenal Leaders from the following books:

  • 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
  • 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth
  • 5 Levels of Leadership
  • Leadership Gold
  • Everyone Communicates, Very Few Connect
  • Develop The Leader Within

  • Some of the most profound Leadership Elements that are established from these programs are:

    • Leadership is taking responsibility while others are making excuses.
    • Leadership is the willingness to stand out in a crowd.
    • Leadership is the passion to make a difference.
    • Leadership is an open mind and an open heart.
    • Leadership is seeing the possibilities in a situation while others
      are seeing limitations.
    • Leadership is Empowering others to be their Best.
    • Leadership is making the Customers feel Most Important.
    • Leadership is Believing in your Team.