Create Your

Legacy of Greatness

Discover Your Gift, Give It Away, Live A Life of Significance.

Maybe the Miracle you have been waiting for is hidden within you, waiting for discovery. Now it’s time to untie the ribbons and Let your Legacy of Greatness Shine!

Experience the powerful Breakthrough, that makes it all happen

Great time-great energy! I always feel better about myself when I am done. Feel like I have the motivation to do what I want, and to try new things. You’re the best. 


Believership Academy

A Day of Greatness for your Team.

It’s an experience that ignites the heart & soul of leaders, both personally & professionally. It has elements of leadership that communicate a powerful vision, that creates the very best servant leaders. It’s very engaging and interactive, and they leave believing there is no limit to what they can do! This can really make an Impact for employees and executive leaders in every position, that creates a powerful Legacy of Greatness, that could ripple on forever and build a Team that’s unstoppable, that Leads the Way!

This is a powerful day for Your Team, that has them turning the pages of the Believership Book, to write their Magnificent Life Story, it’s inspired by the word Legacy, that is written backwards. So the first question to answer is Y, WHY…What do I ASPIRE TO BE…Then the day is built upon their WHY.

  • Y, The power of  “WHY” What do I Aspire To Be…
  • Confidence to Breakthrough their Fears
  • Attitude of Gratitude is a Lifestyle
  • Greatness to Begin is Believing in You
  • Enthusiasm to never give up
  • Legacy of Greatness, Live It, Love It, and Lead It everyday

This Academy finishes with a powerful Breakthrough, that truly Ignites their heart & soul. They have created their Legacy and realized their true potential throughout the day. They inscribe it on a piece of paper that they use to cut through a wooden chopstick. They leave with a Wow…Believing there Is No Limit To What They Can Do!