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keynote speaker

Melanie is a phenomenal speaker that Ignites the power and purpose of the "Y" in life. She lights up the room and inspires the potential in people to Live out their Mission and Purpose.



Melanie has written several books that Empower Dreams. Everyday you have the opportunity to begin a new chapter, and write a 

Magnificent  story



Melanie empowers leaders both personally and professionally. Her main focus is to discover their potential and inspire their confidence to Believe there is No Limit to what they Can Do.

 Find out why Melanie A. Brown is rapidly becoming the most trusted name in developing new approaches to leadership and empowerment. Whether you’re searching for an engaging and memorable keynote, a practical yet motivating workshop, or training event unlike any other, Melanie can custom-tailor presentations to any organization’s unique needs, goals and theme. 

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